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"I have learned that everything is an opportunity for spiritual enrichment.”

~ Marta Morgan

International Yin Yoga Teacher Training 




Online and Interactive

With Simona Evoli and Yogi Hari

This is a specialization course open to certified teachers (at least 200hr training) who desire to teach Yin Yoga.
Nevertheless, this course is also open to Yin Yoga lovers who desire to enrich their home practice with awareness and knowledge. 

This program focuses on the essential Yin Yoga technique to practice safely and to teach with compassion. You are going to learn:

  • How to use the power of Qi to deeply bring changes into your body,

  • The basic 16 Yin Yoga postures and some more to help your posture but also to release stress from your deep tissues 

  • How to stimulate the meridians to benefit the body, the mind, and the energy;

  • How to relax your fascia and much more...

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Course Starts on Jan. 22nd, 2022


We are going to meet online every other Saturday for theory and practice with Simona, and every Tuesday for specific practice with Hari Baldevta. 


Saturdays Schedule with Simona: 10 am-12 pm US EST

Calendar 2022:

January 22

February 5-19

March 5-19 

April 2-16-30


Practical Classes with Yogi Hari.

Every Tuesday from 7 pm-9 pm US EST

Calendar 2022:

January 25

February 8-22

March 8-22

April 5-19

May 3 

Classes will be all recorded for those who cannot attend the Livestream.


Additional 5 Pre-recorded classes led by Simona on Yin Yoga and the five elements (You'll receive once a month  in your mailbox)


By January 16th, 2022: 

US $693 or CAD 693 or Euro 693

After January 16th, 2022:

US $793 or CAD 793 or Euro 793


You'll pay in your own currency.


Payment plans available:

you can pay your fee in two or three payments.

For the payment plans a 4% processing fee is added and your CC is required on file.

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Simona Evoli

Simona has been practicing and studying yoga since childhood. She trained in several techniques including Integral Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and Tantra Yoga. She created her own style with Goddess Yoga which includes energy healing techniques and Qigong with traditional yoga practices.

She is also a dancer and teaches Belly Dance as well as Kundalini Rhythms Dance, a method she created to share the healing power of dance. 

Simona has traveled around the world, lived in India where she studied Indian classical dance, and then in the U.S. for the past 10 years.

She is now located in Italy where she is originally from, and she will be offering this course from her Italian hometown, Turin. 

Yogi Hari 

With over a thousand hours of yoga teacher trainings (including hatha, Vinyasa, kundalini, pranayama, trance dance, Yin), a pilates instructor certification, a kundalini rhythms dance training, professional dancer training, and an ongoing personal trainer certification, Yogi Hari is beforehand an visionary artist who invests themself in the arts of embodiment: be a creator, be a bridge between consciousness and the material realms, translating ideas and thought currents into manifestation, using the body as the main tool and life itself as a medium.

The Instructors

Course Details
  • Theory + Practice with Simona:

  • What is  Yin Yoga? Its roots into the Dao Yoga, and the connections to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Indian tradition;

  • What is Qi, or vital force? Heavenly Qi, Earthy Qi, Human Qi;

  • The essence of the energy: Yin and Yang flows;

  • Yin Yoga and Breathing techniques; 

  • Yin Yoga and inner organs for physical wellbeing;

  • Yin Yoga and the 5 elements for mental wellbeing;

  • The 16 basic Yin Yoga postures and their benefits;

  • Yin Yoga methodology I: how to build a Yin Yoga sequence for a specific organ or meridian

  • Yin Yoga methodology II: how to build a Yin Yoga sequence for a specific part of the body

  • Yin Yoga methodology III: ethic and teacher code of conduct.

  • Recorded Classes With Simona:

  • Yin Yoga to for the element earth for grounding;

  • Yin Yoga for the element water for circulation;

  • Yin Yoga for element fire for activation and transformation;

  • Yin Yoga for the metal element for strength;

  • Yin Yoga for wood for regeneration;

  • Practice with Hari Baldevta: 

  • Yin Yoga for bladder health;

  • Yin Yoga for liver and gallbladder health;

  • Yin Yoga for stomach health;

  • Yin Yoga for lung and small intestine health;

  • Yin Yoga for heart and large intestine health;

  • Yin Yoga for spleen health;

  • Yin Yoga to activate hearth, lungs, and intestines meridians;

  • Yin Yoga to activate spleen and stomach meridians

Cancellation and Refund Policy


Your cancellation must be sent to by and not over January 16th, 2022.

Please be aware that a refund processing fee will be withheld from the amount paid,

so it will be either $50, or CAD 50, or Euro 50. 

After January 16th, 2022 no refund is available.

You can transfer to other services offered by Simona Yoga, or you can sell your spot to someone else,

as long as you let Simona know by January 21st, 2022.

Once you make your first payment we assume you have read and accepted the above refund and cancellation condition.



“Trust yourself that you can do it and get it.”

~ Baz Luhrmann