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A Belly Dance 10-Class Series (On Zoom)

Starts Nov. 21st

Rhythm has the power to awaken a profound sense of belonging, presence, and embodiment.

Our brains and minds respond to rhythm by stimulating synchronization, sense of direction, and orientation.

In other words, rhythm helps people to connect and interact with one another.

For instance, rhythms, as well as dance, have been used since ancient times to create community, connect individuals, spiritual and shamanic rituals.

To me, rhythm is life, as everything in life pulses and vibrate.


The music for Belly Dance has roots in the Arabic music tradition which extended to ancient Persia, Turkey, Egypt, and everything in between, which means that it offers a huge variety of sounds made by the combination of rhythms with melody. 

When you first listen to music for Belly Dancing you might feel overwhelmed by all the instruments playing in the orchestra, and the multiple layers of sounds, yet you cannot refrain from feeling joyful and wishing to be able to dance to that rhythm.

Because it's almost impossible to say "no" to the rhythm. Rhythm awakens our vital energy and desire to express ourselves freely.

With this 10-class series, I want to share with you the beauty of Arabic rhythms, how they sound, how to count them, how to recognize them, and most of all, how to dance to them.

 If you are willing to explore something fun, keep reading below.



Rhythmic Inner Intelligence


This 10-class series is offered on Zoom in Livestream

It's going to be in English and recorded for those who cannot attend the Livestream

Classes will be on Sundays 

at 2pm-3:30pm US EST or at 8pm-9:30 CEST (Italy)

and will follow this calendar:


November 21st, 2021

December 5th - 19th

January 9th-23rd, 2022

February 6th - 20th

March 6th-20th

April 3rd

Each class will explore one or more rhythms, movements that go well with each of them, and of course some history and culture.

This is an intermediate course, so I will not be covering the basics, you need to have some belly dance experience.



US $180 or 180 Euro

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