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Private yoga and/or Dance Sessions

Rewrite Your Life Story


Would you like to learn yoga or sacred dance, but you don't love to be on a screen with 100 other people? You like your privacy, and you love to receive targeted guidance  
specific for your needs?
Then private sessions might be your option :-)

    Each private session with Simona is tailored specifically for you.  She puts together her 30 years of experience to create a session or series of sessions organically built to gently lead you to your desired results.


Simona doesn't take private sessions lightly. Therefore, considering also the significant investment on both sides for your private sessions, please contact Simona before booking your class so to ensure we are both a good fit to work with one another.


Read below to know how to book your session.


Benefits of Private Sessions.


Physical realm benefit:

  • Physical Embodiment

  • release stress;

  • metabolism;

  • chronic ailments;

  • chronic fatigue;

  • improve flexibility and strength;

  • Weight management.


Emotional realm benefit:

  • Self-Esteem;

  • Self-worth

  • Confidence;

  • Emotional strength;

  • Mental clarity;

  • Energy balance;

  • Harmony.

  • Self-Empowerment 

Soul realm benefit:

  • Energy alignment;

  • Clear mental patterns;

  • Geometric adjustment;

  • Soul embodiment;

  • Energy clearing;

  • Rejuvenation; 

  • Energy Awareness;

  • Body, emotional, spiritual integration 

Session Types And Booking


Private Sessions Types & Fee:

Simona takes only 10 new students each month, so hurry up and book your spot.

  • Private Yoga Class + Coaching (90 mini.): $157/session

  • The Heart Communication Coaching Sessions (90/120 min.): $197/session

  • Private Kundalini Rhythms Dance + Coaching (90/120 mini.): $250/sessions

  • Platinum Package (4 HCC including 4 Yoga or Dance classes+ Coaching Sessions): $657/month

Book Your Private Session Below

Refund and cancellation follow Simona Yoga LLC rules:

  • Cancellation must be received 24hr before the appointment to avoid late cancellation fee or no-show charges; 

  • 50% "Late Cancellation" fee is applied to all cancellations within 24hr of your appointment unless rescheduling;

  • 100% fee for No-shows, you be fully charged the full amount fee if you don't show up even when your session is held online or cancel within 1hr from your appointment.  

  • Please reschedule to avoid no-show or late cancellation fees.