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Reawaken The Shakti Within You


More than ever before we need to fully call in the creation of all, the energy of the Divine Mother. Women now must find a way to tune in to a new state of mind and a new frequency because the future is feminine. The future is the full embodiment of the Sacred Feminine in every sentient woman & man walking on this sacred Planet Earth. 

    Things are changing around us. Believe it or not, we are forced to make an adjustment to our lives. What worked for us up until a few months ago, is no longer available. We need to redirect our focus and welcome the new energy by allowing ourselves to tune in to the new frequency of grace, compassion, and unconditional love which is the Goddess DNA divine code.
There is no more time for pushing, pulling, and sneaky manipulation.  This is the time to let go and let the Goddess work for us, from within us, in full integration and embodiment of her grace and divine power.

To become fully creative, we cannot ignore we are the creator of all within ourselves, we are the source of what we desire. Furthermore, by thoroughly understanding the connection between our heart, our which needs As women, we need to listen to our wombs, our hearts, and our minds which together create the sacred creative womb of manifesting wisdom.

This is true for men too, whose sacred womb is called "Hara" instead, but it is still a center of power healing, and nurturing, womb and mind, we can wholly embrace our creative power as well as rewrite our lives and change the reality all around us.


Change of Time For Yoga.


Yoga is not immune to this change. There is a calling for a change of focus in this community. Aside from more independence and less codependency, there is a need for more gentleness and integration.  Women are requiring a more feminine approach to yoga. This does not mean less strengthening. However, it does call for a more creative, more balanced, and less structured yoga methodology. Women are requiring a method of yoga that gives space to individual expression and personal wisdom. The Tantric yoga tradition teaches us to embrace the Divine within and unlock the infinite creative potential inscribed in our DNA, this is indeed the path of the Goddess.


Goddess Yoga is a way to clear, recharge and cultivate our energy through movement, conscious breathing, vibrational sound, and energy healing. 
Goddess Yoga as led by Dharma Devi is a new yoga approach to focus our aim toward awakening the vibrational portion of our DNA. 
As we cultivate our energy, we also fortify our body, as well as our mind.  Then, our energy starts to work better for our greater good. As our energy harmonizes, we also have a better chance of being able to modify negative patterns and detach the roots of those belief systems that keep us always in the same painful loop of self-sabotage.  
Goddess Yoga as taught by Simona Dharma Devi is a way to re-tune your DNA into a new frequency from which you can spring forward a new life.

Your Goddess Yoga Course


First Course:

Goddesses of the Middle East, Europe, and India:
10 Goddesses, 10 classes, 10 lectures

In this 10 class series, you will learn about Isis, Hathor, Bastet, Kali, Inanna, Aphrodite, Persephone, Artemis, Athena, Quan Yin
Once you make your purchase, you'll receive an email including the link to access all material (make sure to bookmark the link).
This class series includes:

  • 10 Goddess yoga classes, 1 for each of the goddess, focused on soft flowing movement (yin yoga or hatha yoga often combined with Qigong techniques to make sure to balance the energy flow for each class) 

  • 10 weeks of video lectures on Devata Yoga/Goddess yoga-based on the ancient Tantric teaching

Cost for the full course 


Click on the link above and choose the single class option, once you complete your payment you will be redirected to the page with the link to the course.

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