Dance Your Miracle


Give yourself permission to

let go, rest and create!

A Kundalini Rhythms Dance Workshop To Guide To Self-Empowerment


You are the source of the miracles in your life because you are a miracle yourself. 

You must understand this for your life to change. No change will come to pass if you don't focus on yourself, nurture yourself, and uplift yourself. Nobody can give you the changes you desire, only you!

Nobody can take your power to transform your life from you unless you allow it, consciously or unconsciously. I know that too well, and I learned my lesson. 

ON SUNDAY OCT. 24th, 2021

LIVEstream on ZOOM at 10:30am US EST - 7:30am PST - 16:30 CEST

The Workshop lasts for 2hr


One of the most important lessons to understand and integrate into your life is comprehending that you are the source. Miracles in your life originate from you. You must believe it, own it, and create the space for it to manifest.


Unfortunately, you are so caught up with your busy and stressful life that it becomes challenging to take a moment for yourself and realize that your life can change if only you would start nurturing yourself.

However, at the exact moment, you slow down and start paying attention to yourself, and you start nurturing your desires, then miracles in your life unfold like flowers under the sun.




If you feel stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, disempowered, and powerless, you lack creativity, be sure that this is the workshop for you.



Because during this conscious movement workshop, we will follow four steps to unlock your potential and liberate those stuck dynamics that keep you repeating the same patterns like you are under a spell.


So what are these four steps?

1. Let's Stop: stop moving for a moment or start moving very slow. Allow yourself to observe what's happening around you and within you, no judgment, only observation;

2. Drop your old Self: create space, allow the change to manifest harmoniously because you finally created the space and the energy for it to come to pass;

2. Re-program Your Self-Concept: If you keep repeating the same patterns, it means that there is something about your Self- concept that needs either to change or to be tweaked a bit. 

3. Prioritize yourself for once!!! You are a priority!! You deserve, and you are worthy of attention :-)

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The Workshop Description

Through the healing art of Kundalini Rhythms Dance©,️ we use conscious movements to activate the four actions described above. 

We will slow down, stop, and rest. We will explore new concepts about ourselves and substitute the original program with a refreshing and transformative one; lastly, we will create space within ourselves, which is where the magic unfolds.


How does this benefit you?

This workshop will bring you clarity, renewed energy, creative inspiration.

Through conscious movements, your frustration will dissolve like magic. 

It will give you the key to your empowerment, or you will be starting on that path. 

Every time you refocus on yourself, you get your power back, if not all at once a piece of it, on which terms you can gradually call the rest back to you when the time comes.

Every time you let go and create space, you permit yourself to create. Your desires have a chance to show up for you, and you can hear and nurture them, and when it's clear what you want, you manifest them with no effort.

And lastly, you'll have fun which transforms overwhelming feelings into joy and expansion.

What's  Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️?

Kundalini Rhythms Dance©️ is a form of sacred dance created by Simona Devi. It intertwines energy healing techniques, qigong, meditation, and several dance styles. Everything integrates to guarantee a harmonious dance and conscious movement experience focused on healing and transformation.



Everybody can attend this workshop. You don't need to have prior dance, or meditation, or qigong experience. 



Aside from your open heart and willingness to receive, please prepare some water and hot tea if you like. Have book notes by your side, and of course a pen. Prepare a quiet and private space to practice movement.

Make sure the space around you is free from staff so that you can move safely.



This workshop is in Livestream on zoom. There will be a recording for those who cannot attend the Livestream, and it will be available after proper editing about a week after the workshop date. 


$35 by October 18th / $40 thereafter



If you have any questions upon or before registration for this workshop, please reach out:

~ e-mail: kundalinirhythmsdace@gmail.com

~ WhatsApp: +18622030082

~ telegram: @simonadevi