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This is who I am.

Yoga has brought me to fully embrace myself, my creativity, and my feminine energy.

Dance instead has awakened my Goddess energy, my sensuality, and my passion for life.

Qigong gave me my life back, as well as my willpower.

I integrate my graduate study with over  30 years of practice, teaching, and consistent study of these methods. My vision is to guide people to empowerment, lead them into taking their power back, recognize themselves, and embody their true nature.  

If you are ready to work on your shadows, feel your emotion and be aware of who you are, I'm your right teacher. 

About My work


Aside from my private classes, you can find on-demand classes on my two Patreon accounts (CLICK HERE to read more), and for as little as $10/mo, you can access the full library. 

For both my private and on-demand classes, I have developed very unique and special programs that will allow you to deepen your knowledge about yourself through  Yoga, sacred dance, or Qigong. These techniques have helped me to heal and transform my life, so I bring to you my experience and wisdom of these practices. 

These programs are uniquely designed to help you increase your general health, and also improve your sense of embodiment, confidence, presence in one word empowered. 

Without ever forgetting the sacredness of these ancient methods, and by integrating Neurocognitive techniques on movements  my "Self-improvement Programs" promote:


  • Self-Empowerment;  

  • Energy Integration;

  • Energy Re-alignment;

  • Physical Embodiment.